The land will be rezoned to public use and the Management and maintenance of the park by the Desa-Adat Kuta (village council).

There will be a group of Trustees appointed thru a Yayasan (Foundation) which will include heads of the Village of Kuta and well respected expats.

We will make the announcement of the board in due course.

Park Design

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3


Made Wijaya

Made Wijaya (22 March 1953 – 28 August 2016) was an Australian landscape gardener who was based in Bali.

A world-renowned tropical garden designer, he was one of the islands most flamboyant, controversial and larger-than-life characters, an artist, designer, photographer, videographer, landscape designer and gardener, historian, journalist, humourist, satirist, diarist, anthropologist and more. See more…

We are currently working with Made Wijayas for design team to adapt the design to the 560sqm



David Bowie


The Lost Bali Stories – Volume I is an entertaining collection of true tales direct from the lips of an eclectic mix of youthful vagabonds, rainbow gypsies, artists, giddy optimists, cosmic healers, and colorful misfits who unwittingly participated in an incredible cross-cultural movement in Bali between 1970 to 1985 before mass tourism changed the face of the island drastically. Written from hindsight, the stories are tinged with memories of a bygone era and testimonies to Bali’s transformative powers.


The Balinese People