Mr Dallas Jackson- Finn meeting with the Regency of Badung Government officials in October 2023.

Mr Jackson-Finn provided the Government with Memorandum of Understanding from the Sari club land owner,
plans and costing to build the park this also included letters of support dating back 21 years and photo diary.

Monday 9th of October 2023

I am a proud Palawa / Wirahjuri man.

However, before moving forward there remain some very concerning issues relating to the now defunct Bali Peace Park Association (W.A) that must be addressed. It has been almost two years since the collapse of the association and twelve months since the twentieth anniversary of the bombings. At no time in the past twelve months have the ex-board members of the now defunct charity been held accountable for their actions of the past thirteen years.

I table below my concerns and call for a full investigation and forensic audit of this charity.

Issue 1. Very serious concerns have been raised by national and international donors to BPPA (WA) regarding a complete lack of accountability and transparency in relation to how their donations were used. Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard in a newspaper article ( available to view in news articles on the Bali Peace Park website, acknowledges that the Association had raised over AUD $1 million dollars. When the Association collapsed and rebranded itself as The Bali Memorial Association there was only AUD $2000 left in the coffers that was transferred to the new association. Keith Pearce, the treasurer of BPPA (WA) now sits as Treasurer on the new Bali Memorial Association. One million dollars remains unaccounted for. Mr Pearce continues to refuse to disclose to donors and the general public where the money has gone. Despite his lack of accountability Mr Pearce continues to lobby for funds for the new Memorial Association. Mr Pearce has stated in emails that he is under no obligation to release financials to the general public.

Issue2. Lack of disclosure. The BPPA Inc (WA) was formed in 2008 with the sole purpose of establishing a Peace Park on the site of the former Sari Club. The general public opened their hearts and their wallets and donated to this cause, believing that all monies donated would go towards the building of the park. BPPA Inc (WA) needs to justify flying board members and family members to the South of France for an international conference.

Issue 3. Dr Anne Aly – Federal Member for Cowan. I call on Anne Aly to fully disclose her extremely close relationship with Rebecca Britten, wife of Phil Britten. At no stage, during 2021 and 2022 when I was lobbying Anne Aly to support my rebooted negotiations to buy the land, did she disclose that she was close friends with Rebecca Britten. I now question whether collusion and nepotism were a part of the Albanese led Federal Government’s decision to withdraw their pledge to financially support the building of the park. Did Anne Aly recommend that the govt no longer support the building of a Peace Park? Was Anne Aly, over a thirteen year period, closely involved in the misuse of funds by the association as she appeared to have been involved with many projects and events that Rebecca Britten also attended. Were nepotism and collusion a part of the misuse of funds over the years? Were nepotism and collusion a part of the final govt decision to remove support of the Peace Park?

The following is an excerpt from Anne Alys autobiography very close relationship with Rebecca Britten.

It was through the Hall of Fame process that I met Rebecca Britten. We met in the bathroom of the Duxton Hotel, where some of the Hall of Fame had been invited to attend a radio breakfast. All good relationships are forged in bathrooms. Women's bathrooms are set up that way. It's much harder for men to strike up a conversation at the urinal - and it's just a bit creepy to talk to the bloke next to you with your dick in.

Issue 4. Collusion, corruption and nepotism. Former chair of BPPA (WA) bribe David Napoli needs to address the allegation that an ‘incentive’ of approx AUD $45,000 was offered to an Indonesian govt official if the deal was successful. I have it in writing that this was the case. I question if any consultation was made with DFAT or the Australian Embassy and Consulate in regard to this bribe.

The following is the letter in question pertaining to the bribe.

Issue 5. Purchase of the land. In 2005 an independent land evaluation of AUD $750,000 was made by Jones Lang and Laselle of Jkt. The first offer to purchase the land was made in 2010. Subsequent offers made by the BPPA (WA) have all been considerably below market value. Treasurer Pearce stated that no compensation for loss of income would be offered to the landowner. This is in spite of both the board and the Australian Government putting pressure on the Bupati (regional govt head) to stop commercial use of the land. Ex board members need to release all documentation of what offers were made and when.

Issue 6. Australian families no longer want the park. In a letter from DFAT to me and in a phone call with the Australian Consul to Bali Anthea Griffin I was told that the Australian Government does not buy foreign land and that Australian families no longer want the park. And therein lies the problem! The BPPA (WA), its board members, its supporters and Dr Anne Aly were, and no doubt remain WA, Perth and Kingsley Football Club centric. As the 2003 founder of the NSW based Bali Peace Park Association, I can confirm that the original concept for the park was to honor those affected directly by the bombing, not just Australians, but people from 22 nations.

Board members and ex board members of the collapsed Perth based association refuse to address any of the above issues. I call on the Australian government to fully investigate the actions of the board over the past thirteen years. I call upon the board members to account for the missing $1,000,000. Time for accountability. Time for transparency. Time for the truth!

Moving forward any future initiative must deliver a message of peace, honor the dead and injured and their families, be culturally respectful and most importantly be inclusive of all nations.

The following link is to a news article published 9 years ago the former chairman Nick Way clearly states the following -

"Yayasan Australia siapkan USD 1 juta bangun Bali Peace Park"
"Today there was a fundraiser in Australia and one million dollars was raised,"
said the head of the Bali Peace Park project, Nick Way, in Kuta, Bali, Saturday (12/10).

Keith Pearce claims on the BPP Wikipedia page that the Association ceased interest.
In the land because the owners decision to go with the successful negotiation I was able to bring to the table.

The BPP Association collapsed before the deal.

Pearce also mentions to sell the land above market value.

The following post has now been removed by Pearce.

2019 the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison committed to funding the purchase of the Sari Club site subject to a commercial deal being struck between the Bali Peace Park Association and the landowners. The land owners declined the very reasonable offer made by the Association in favour of a deal offered by Dallas Finn. As a result of the land owners decision the Association ceased its interest in the land and Mr Finn has been unable to fund the purchase at the price he offered. As a result the landowners lost the opportunity to sell their land at above market value and the world lost the opportunity to gain a centre of peace.

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Kind regards,
Dallas Finn
Bali Peace Park - Where The World Will meet

Now, however, the idea of a peace park has been revived after the association’s founder and former leader, Dallas Finn, struck an agreement with owner Sukamto Tija to sell a third of it, a 567sqm section of the land, for $4.5m.

Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Welcome to the Bali Peace Park Project

In the lead up to the first anniversary of the 2002 terrorist attacks the concept for the Bali Peace Park Project was born. Over the years many have worked tirelessly to see the concept for the park be actualised.

The concept for the Peace Park is based on the Balinese philosophy of the Tri Hita Karana, or the three pathways to peace and harmony.The three pillars of the Tri Hita Karana are:

> A person’s relationship to their spirituality
> A person’s relationship with their fellow man
> A person’s relationship with nature

With this unified belief in peace and harmony, held by supporters from over twenty nations, a grassroots campaign headed by the Founder of the project Australian Dallas Jackson-Finn within the Balinese community was developed with the support of Desa-adat Kuta.

The then Governor of Bali and former Chief of Police, Bapak I Made Mangku Pastika added his support to the project and became a patron of the Peace Park.

There have been many challenges in making the dream of the Peace Park a reality. There have been hurdles to be surmounted.

At last an agreement has been made with the land owner that satisfies all parties and we are now able to proceed with completing what was only a dream nineteen years ago.

The Bali Peace Park Project will honour those lost and injured in the bombing by bringing together people of many nations, ethnicities and religions who will be able to sit in a tranquil greenspace and if only for a moment in time find peace and serenity from strife and turmoil.

Peace, harmony and balance will be restored to the Sari Club site.

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